Quick-Glo Fine formula 8oz (220ml)

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Quick-Glo Fine formula 8oz (220ml)

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Product Information

Containing specially selected grades of pumice, the Fine formula is less aggressive than Original. It quickly and effectively removes rust from lightly rusted or lightly pitted chrome, whilst still leaving a lustrous shine and a protective layer which helps to delay rust from re-appearing.
Also gives great results on lighted oxidised passivated items, (zinc plating etc.), glass, mirrors and polycarbonate and is ideal for maintaining your finish after using the Original formula to restore.
As this is an abrasive product, always test a small area for suitability first. Should always be applied with a Micro-Fibre cloth.

Should always be applied and buffed with a Micro-Fibre cloth.
As this is an abrasive product, excessive pressure or extended usage on soft metals, mirrors and polycarbonate could possibly leave micro scratches, so always test a small area first. 
Never rub hard, always let Quick-Glo do the work. Never apply in circles – side to side works best. Always apply to a test area on new surfaces. For best results apply and hand buff with a micro-fibre cloth. 
Quick-Glo is NOT recommended for painted surfaces. Accidental contact is OK but repeated rubbing might cause a brushed look.

Quick-Glo is water based and generally very stable when stored between temperatures between 5°C and 32°C. Above 32°C Quick-Glo may liquify and once cooled again the ingredients may separate and you will see a wax coating on the top. If this occurs, simply place your Quick-Glo somewhere warm (in direct sunshine is best) until the wax melts again. Then give it a good shake or mix and allow it to cool down to room temperature and it will return to its original consistency.
In the unlikely event that the contents dry out a little, you can simply mix in small amount of water to bring it back to the original consistency.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

I recommend it!

I bought this product after seeing Jay Leno use it and talk about it. My first use was on glassware that had a "film" on it that defied cleaning. A minute with Quick Glo restored them to new condition. I recommend it!

This stuff is amazing!

So, I have a Harley that sat in a disrepair, disassembled state for 5-6 years. When I decided to put it back together during COVID lockdown, I started unboxing various chrome parts and found lots of rust/oxidizing on the chrome. I thought it would all need to be replaced, but did some investigating on internet and found this stuff. Figured why not. I am so happy I found it. I can't say enough about how awesome it works- this stuff is amazing. Only bought the “fine” and it works really well. Again, this stuff is amazing!
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